Get a Library Card

Getting a Library Card

West Des Moines residents who fill out a Library Card Application – you may do this online via our Library Card Pre-Registration Form – and present a valid ID with proof of Identification and Current Residence (see below) may have a library card free of charge.  If you are unable to come into the building – including if we are closed for public health – please email us for other options to complete your application!  Call the Library's Accounts and Checkout Desk at 515-222-3400 with any questions.  

New Library Cards
  • Any resident of West Des Moines, Rural Polk County, contracted cities, or any community participating in Iowa’s Open Access program may obtain a library card free of charge with satisfactory proof of Identification and Current Residence (see below).
  • A valid card is required for borrowing privileges.
  • Cards are issued for three (3) years; there is no fee for renewal. A $1.00 replacement fee will be charged for a lost or mutilated card.
  • There are no age restrictions for library card applicants.
  • By state law, all patron borrowing records are confidential, including records of minor children. Information cannot be released without due process of law.
  • Lost or stolen cards should be reported to the library immediately.

You are required to furnish one form of identification and proof of residential address.  See options below.


Documents Accepted by the WDM Library to Verify Identification

Driver’s license
Government issued ID
School ID card
School bus pass 
Voter registration card

Military ID
Work ID/nametag 
Birth Certificate   
Social Security card

Documents to Verify a Current Correct Residential Address

Driver’s license  
Government issued ID 
Motor vehicle registration

Voter registration card
Imprinted checks


Mail with your name and address postmarked during the current month or previous month.


Statements dated during the current month or previous month from the following list:

Bank statement     
Lease agreement 
Utility bill

Telephone Bill
Water Bill

Guest Cards

Persons residing in West Des Moines on a temporary basis may obtain a “Guest” card free of charge with satisfactory proof of ID and current residence. The library card will be issued for the period of time the patron resides in West Des Moines, (not less than one month nor more than six months). The patron will be restricted to a limit of 5 (five) items at any one time.

An acceptable document to verify the patron’s temporary address must be a written statement on the letterhead from the managing office of the patron’s temporary residence. The statement should include the patron’s name and residency dates. In addition, patrons need to provide identification and proof of permanent address.